An old map of the United States
  Portland   Spokane   Haugan   Missoula   Butte   Bozeman   Yellowstone   Cody   Deadwood   Mount Rushmore   Wall Drugs   Badlands   1880 Cowboy Town   Madison   Chicago   Torch Lake   Metro Detroit   Montreal   Burlington   Boston   Cape Cod   Provincetown   New York   Pottersville   Niagara Falls


After staying in New York for almost a week our next stop was to visit Zach’s uncle and aunt, Carl and Cassie. We stayed in the western parts of the state, which blows away all premonitions or stereo types you may have of New Jersey. It is a beautiful part of our country with farms and rolling green hills.

While there we got to wander around the farm, feeding the miniature donkeys, staying away from the ornery sheep and petting the powerful and majestic horses. It was a very short stay, as we had to start our journey back home to pack and begin moving to San Francisco.