An old map of the United States
  Portland   Spokane   Haugan   Missoula   Butte   Bozeman   Yellowstone   Cody   Deadwood   Mount Rushmore   Wall Drugs   Badlands   1880 Cowboy Town   Madison   Chicago   Torch Lake   Metro Detroit   Montreal   Burlington   Boston   Cape Cod   Provincetown   New York   Pottersville   Niagara Falls


This is were it all starts, Portlandia.

Well we hit the road early this morning and have been driving for almost an hour now. Theo was so excited this morning to get in the car and join our team for this adventure.

Wow, does the gorge look pretty in the early morning fog. We’ll be going through eastern Oregon, Washington and northern Idaho before entering Montana. There we will land in Missoula and spend the night at a cute Bed & Breakfast.