An old map of the United States
  Portland   Spokane   Haugan   Missoula   Butte   Bozeman   Yellowstone   Cody   Deadwood   Mount Rushmore   Wall Drugs   Badlands   1880 Cowboy Town   Madison   Chicago   Torch Lake   Metro Detroit   Montreal   Burlington   Boston   Cape Cod   Provincetown   New York   Pottersville   Niagara Falls



We were excited and eager to arrive in Montréal. This was Zach’s first time in Canada and Lauren was delighted to be in a city with a European feel. Our first night started with grabbing a bite to eat during happy hour at the little restaurant which specialized in seafood. We ate at the bar and socialized with the bartender. After going to the hotel to freshen up and taking Theo on a long walk we started to feel a little peckish. We decided to check out China town where we grabbed a quick bowl of pho. While eating we met a fellow traveler, Laurent, who was visiting from France. With the night young, we all decided to go and check out some jazz at this place called Upstairs. The people performing in the Jazz club were singing classic French songs which Laurent would interpret for us. We left the club in the pouring rain and scurried our separate ways.

The next day, per Laurent’s suggestion we decided to check out the Italian market. Little did we know that there was a lot going on in the city of Montréal that day. Along with the fireworks and the U2 concert that were taking place that night there was also a Caribbean parade going on, which caused all of the streets to be blocked off. With Zach’s superb map reading skills and Lauren’s increasing ability to drive in a city we finally made it to the market. The smells of fresh baguettes, strong espresso and pungent cheeses greeted us upon arrival. We collected our items from the wide array of speciality vendors and ate lunch. After we picked up Theo and took a walk to the Gay Village. We then walked around old Montréal to find a place to eat dinner; however, with the fireworks every place was booked and no tables available. We finally snagged a late one on open table. We missed the fireworks but were able to eat delicious French food.

Before leaving town Lauren insisted on going to one of her favorite Jewish deli, Schwartz’s. We picked up a sandwich to share and ate it at the top of Mount Royal overlooking the Montréal skyline. It was a wonderful goodbye to Montréal.