An old map of the United States
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Metro Detroit

When we finally reached Lauren’s home outside of Detroit there was a large sigh of relief and we both knew that we finally would have some time to relax and rejuvenate after all our fun adventures in the wild west.

We still had a chance to do lots of fun things while recharging our batteries. Lauren’s parents took us to a baseball game, the Detroit Tigers vs the San Francisco Giants. When the game started it was almost 100°, we were literally were cooking in our seats. But before we knew it the temperature had dropped considerably, and suddenly a thunder storm rolled in. The game had a two and half hour rain delay, but we stuck around and snapped some incredible photos of the sun setting behind the dark and dense thunder clouds.

Our stay was also filled with family. One night we went over to Lauren’s Uncle Dave’s and Aunt Chris’ house for home made pizza. Which was delicious might we add. While there we were able to see Lauren’s cousins Steve and Rachel, who were home for the summer from college, and Danielle. Our last night in town we met up with Lauren’s Uncle Don and Aunt Shelly for dinner who Zach was able to meet for the first time. Last, and certainly not least, we got to see Lauren’s grandma and grandpa, which is always a treat.

We also were able to have lots of fun with Lauren’s childhood friends: Jimmy, Brandon, Nick, Alicia, Ricky and Katie. We spent a night in Ferndale where we ate some incredible Mediterranean food at Anita’s Kitchen and then sang autotune karaoke at the WAB.