An old map of the United States
  Portland   Spokane   Haugan   Missoula   Butte   Bozeman   Yellowstone   Cody   Deadwood   Mount Rushmore   Wall Drugs   Badlands   1880 Cowboy Town   Madison   Chicago   Torch Lake   Metro Detroit   Montreal   Burlington   Boston   Cape Cod   Provincetown   New York   Pottersville   Niagara Falls

Cape Cod

After our short stay in Boston we headed down to Cape Cod to stay at Zach’s mother’s house. But before leaving we had to pick up our friends Rose and Noel and stop off at historic Plymouth Rock on the way.

We aren’t exactly sure if we would recommend driving far out of your way for Plymouth Rock, but since it was directly on our path we stopped. A bit underwhelming, apparently it was chiseled away long ago so that now it is no bigger then an address stone you might see in front of a suburban house. Still we had fun and Lauren even purchased a bobble head lobster souvenir that she named Lobsty.

Once we arrived at the house in West Harwich, we unpacked, got some groceries and awaited for more friends to arrive. Soon we were joined by more Michiganders Brandon and Lia and Zach’s west coast friends Phil and Mika. Fresh fish, lobster, laughs and cheer aplenty, our first dinner on the cape was epic.

After a few days Noel and Rose had to head back to Baltimore and Lauren’s parents arrived. Phil went deep sea fishing and shared his freshly caught blue fin tuna sashimi, never had we tasted such fresh fish. Some where in between it all we managed to go to Provincetown twice, so check the next post for pics of those adventures.